Business & Baby Talk: An Interview with Candice Wood of De-Lovely Events!

Having crossed over the bridge into motherhood just over a year ago, it always makes me excited to see other women and families embark on that journey for the first time. I know the joy and excitement that awaits them and often remember (thanks to this blog) how special a time that was for me.

Today I’m featuring a new mommy-to-be that is also a business owner, so this post will be a double win! We get to share in her excitement as a first time mom, as well as receive some great advice on how to be successful at running your own business.

Say hi to Candice Wood, everyone!

I met Candice at a local venue while I was planning an event for a client a few years back. Did ya’ll know I used to have my own (albeit very small) event planning business? I swear I’ve had nine lives! Anywho…

I found her to be personable, professional, and very sweet! We didn’t book the venue, but I’ve followed her company, De-Lovely Events ever since. She’s a leader in the wedding industry and is known for her impeccable attention to detail and for making her clients feel completely at ease on their big day.

Some of her professional accomplishments include working on the Elton Brand Foundation Event in NYC {2008}, producing several Gala Events as the Event Planning Chair for the Wish Upon a Wedding Orange County/Los Angeles Board of Directors {2010-2012}, as well as working with her hometown grassroots non-profit organization, Success in Challenges, Inc., as their PR/Marketing and Events Specialist {2011-present}. She was recently brought on to oversee all on-campus Alumni & Parent Relations events at the esteemed Harvey Mudd College {Claremont Colleges} in January 2012.

She and her husband are expecting a baby girl and they truly couldn’t be happier!

Candice Wood and her biggest supporter & fan, husband Stephen at a Bridal Event, 2011


What about motherhood (if anything) scares you the most?

Being a first time mom, I would have to say the total uncertainty of it all – the labor experience, will the baby gear I spent countless hours planning for suffice for this little being, preparing for the sleepless nights, and above all, how will my husband Stephen and I manage to do this as a team {without killing one another – ha}!

What are you most looking forward to once Baby Wood arrives? 

I think the biggest joy I am looking forward to is being overcome with that unspeakable, overwhelming love every parent says they experience the moment they see their child for the first time! And of course seeing what he/she will look like and what kind of personality she will have.

Describe what you like the least about being pregnant (if anything…and be honest!)?

Striking lower back pains and my crazy aversion to the smell of red wine {it makes me so ill – and yet I LOVED red wine in my pre-preggo days!}.  Talk about a serious cure for wine cravings when I can’t even have it!

What’s the greatest lesson you’ve learned about life and business since becoming your own boss? 

Take your time, write your goals down and be patient as you work to accomplish them – I think these apply to both life and work!  I started my business in 2004, and can honestly say that it took nearly 7 years for me to experience that feeling of total accomplishment and being “on top of my game”: I was planning 14-15 events in the course of one year, while serving on non-profit boards and networking/collaborating with some amazing professionals in my industry – oh, while at the same time, nesting and planning my “forever” with my future husband! 2010 and 2011 were awesome years, but 2012 will be even better!

What advice would you give to someone looking to start their own business – event planning or otherwise? 

I always highly recommend mentorship – connect with a pro or “master” in the field you aspire to be in and don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty.  Learn the job and the industry inside and out – go out and network, take on as many opportunities, free or not, as you can!  If one is desiring a career in event planning, I starting in catering and/or event operations is crucial to learning the fundamentals and demands of the event industry!

How do you expect to maintain the proverbial work/life balance?

In this last year, so much has changed in my personal life that the pendulum has naturally taken a course in tipping more to focus on my personal life and putting my professional priorities second.  I have always wanted to be a “wife and mom first, business woman second” and thus have taken somewhat of a step back from professional commitments I would have previously made as a single woman, as I plan for the biggest role of my life.  Moving forward into 2013, of course I will still do weddings {I love them too much to stop}, but on a limited, seasonal basis.   I am also finding a passion in collaborating on non-profit events that allow me to not only fully exercise my passion in planning for a cause, but such contractual obligations that also give me a little more flexibility in my schedule.  Events will come and go, and although my business in the event industry will remain a constant endeavor and passion of mine, my role as wife and mother will ALWAYS be my full-time job and first priority!


What great insight she gives here!

Please join me in wishing Candice and her husband a heartfelt congratulations!

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